The KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen!

It’s soooo crazy…
e221d404a8a1acbfa5911b73180c1e49.jpgAre you tired of messy sunscreen?
Sick of that awful lotion odour?
Do you want to smell like fried chicken?
But you are just not hungry.
Introducing the KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen!
A real limited edition product that we’re giving away for free!
It works just like regular sunscreen.
But it smells like fried chicken.
I’m a lot more popular now.
I smell 10 years younger.
Ahh, just can’t wait for this stuff.
My extra crispy sunscreen dosen’t just keep you smelling great.
It keeps you feeling delicious!
Extra crispy delicious.
KFC extra crispy sunscreen.
It’s real. And also, do not eat it.
Smells like chicken. Taste like sunscreen.
Get you Extra Crispy Sunscreen now for free.
It’s definitely real and definitley not edible so do not eat it.
Available for limited time only.



Woman Applying Suntan Lotion on the Beach

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