Can’t understand the world of lazy people…

These are just a few of the ways lazy people have admitted to tucking in when they simply couldn’t be bothered to prepare their food properly.
Along with a half eaten mango with the skin still on: ‘Too lazy to peel my mango so eating it like an apple.’
Heating take-away with a hairdryer: Showing no shame, the lazy parties have all posted the evidence online.
Eating cereal out of a baseball hat when there are no bowls clean: ‘We’re too lazy to get bowls so this is how we eat frosted flakes,’ ‏he explained. Let’s hope he washes his hair on a frequent basis.
Put so much effort into creating a toasted cheese sandwich she couldn’t find the energy to pick it up and put it in her mouth. Instead she stood it up and ate it without the use of her hands.
No chopsticks? No problem – this diner ate his noodles with two pens at his desk.
‘Eating a yogurt with a ruler because I can’t be bothered to go downstairs!’ admitted another twitter user.
On twitter: ‘I was too lazy to wash a fork in my break room so I’m using knives as chopsticks to eat my ramen.’
Another creative soul decided to set up a Skype chat with their pot. The post said: ‘I was too lazy to keep getting up and check my pot if it was boiling, so I just skyped it.’
When there are no chopsticks are available, a lid – will do.
Too lazy to take a sticker off an apple: ‘When you’re too lazy to take the sticker off your apple so you just eat around it.’

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